Apex®M Pelvic Floor Therapy

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Stress incontinence in women is an all-too-common problem. It is a problem wherein women may experience urinary leakage unpredictably, or when they lift something, sneeze, laugh, or cough. It happens due to a weakness in the pelvic floor muscles, from pregnancy, childbirth, or muscle weakening due to age. The only way to strengthen these muscles is to exercise them, but how? Ordinary kegel exercises can only do so much, which is why we offer Apex®M Pelvic Floor Therapy, a pelvic floor stimulator that can help fight stress incontinence.


What Is Apex®M?

Apex®M is a pelvic floor muscle stimulator that is designed to work with your specific body. We inflate the device to ensure total contact with your pelvic muscle walls in order to create active resistance and full muscle contractions, which is the best way to strengthen these muscles.

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What Areas Does It Treat?

We use the Apex® device specifically to treat stress incontinence in women. By building up the pelvic muscles, we can help eliminate or reduce urinary leakage that occurs during ordinary activities or activities that put stress on the bladder like laughing or coughing. If you have urge incontinence, a sudden, overpowering urge to urinate, this may be caused by an underlying condition and require a different treatment. Dr. Birt will determine if Apex® is right for you during your exam.

How Does Apex®M Pelvic Floor Therapy Work?

The device works very simply. It is inserted, inflated, and activated to begin muscle contractions that last about ten minutes. There may be some slight soreness after the session but it is not painful. Dr. Birt will develop a customized treatment plan for use of the Apex®M Pelvic Muscle Stimulator in order to produce the best results for you.

Apex®M Pelvic Floor Therapy Near Conyers, Atlanta

You do not need to suffer with stress incontinence, wearing pads every time you leave the house, or not leaving the house at all. Come to Radiant Women’s Health and let us find out if Apex®M Pelvic Floor Therapy is right for you. It could change your life! To find out more, submit our contact form below or call us today at (770) 860-0123.


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