Viveve® Vaginal Rejuvenation

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Aging, childbirth, and hormonal changes can take their toll on a woman’s wellness over time. Due to these changes, you may experience symptoms ranging from vaginal dryness to decreased sexual sensation and urinary incontinence. Certainly, one of the best treatments for women dealing with these issues is Viveve® Vaginal Rejuvenation. This treatment effectively restores women’s wellness without surgical cutting or downtime. Connect with our team at Radiant Women’s Health today to learn more.


What Is Viveve® Vaginal Rejuvenation?

Viveve® is different from wellness treatments for women like vaginoplasty and labiaplasty in that it is non-surgical. In other words, there is no necessary recovery time and none of the risks that are attendant to surgery. This amazing system uses radiofrequency heating to rebuild and tighten vaginal tissue and strengthen pelvic floor muscles in order to reduce vaginal laxity, improve sexual sensation, reduce discomfort, and fight stress incontinence.

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What Areas Does It Treat?

When applied to the vaginal area, this treatment can increase:

  • Sensation
  • Arousal
  • Intimacy
  • Pleasure
  • Desire
  • Bladder Control

How Does Viveve® Work?

Viveve® Vaginal Rejuvenation is a patented procedure that uses cryogen-cooled monopolar radiofrequency, or CMRF, to heat vaginal tissue at depth. It boosts collagen production by delivering a precise amount of volumetric heat to the target area. Subsequently, this incredible procedure can produce noticeable results in just one 30-minute session. The secret is controlled cooling, which serves to firstly protect the surrounding tissue and minimize discomfort while delivering heat to just the right areas in order to stimulate the desired collagen boost.

Viveve® Vaginal Rejuvenation Near Conyers, Atlanta

In conclusion, Radiant Women’s Health is ready to restore your wellness and make you feel young again! In other words, stop experiencing leakage, stimulate your senses, liberate your libido, and increase sexual fulfillment with Viveve®! Begin on your journey in as little as 30 minutes. Schedule your session today and start enjoying the activities you love! To get started, submit our contact form, call us at (770) 860-0123 now.

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