Aging Skin

At Radiant Women’s Health, we use the amazing power of our TempSure® Envi Skin Tightening device to reverse aging skin signs. Contact us today!

Aging skin has the habit of sneaking up on us when we’re not looking. Skin laxity, age spots, and wrinkled skin are sadly the most common visitors to those of us who are past a certain age. Frequent sun exposure often makes these aging signs worse, causing us to reach for the nearest magical over-the-counter cream. At Radiant Women’s Health, we’re happy to offer something better. Our TempSure® Envi Skin Tightening system can make short work of those pesky aging signs, doing the work of the best lifting and firming cream, all without downtime! We welcome you to get in touch with our Conyers center today to experience this treatment firsthand.

How Does Aging Skin Occur?

Signs of aging such as wrinkled skin appear due to a gradual decline in collagen and elastin production. As we get older, our bodies create less of the proteins we need to maintain facial volume, keep our skin blemish-free, and resist sagging. This causes the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, uneven skin tone, and discoloration, among other issues. These signs of aging can have a terrible impact on the image we have of ourselves. Thankfully, you don’t have to struggle with these concerns any longer. Our radiofrequency treatment can remove sun spots and provide skin-tightening benefits in a safe, non-invasive manner.

What Are the Signs of Aging Skin?

Typical aging skin signs present themselves subtly. Aging first begins with the gradual deepening of forehead wrinkles. Brown spots on the hands, the onset of crepey skin texture, and sagging in the cheeks are also common. These aging signs become more prominent after age 30 and sometimes develop into big beauty concerns for some. If you’ve become more aware of your age than you’d prefer to be, Dr. Julianne Birt and the rest of our team is ready to assist! Get in touch with us at Radiant Women’s Health and refresh the look of your skin today!

Older woman applying cream to her face

Age In Reverse With TempSure® Envi

At Radiant Women’s Health, we use the amazing power of our TempSure® Envi Skin Tightening device to reverse signs of aging and help women just like you feel beautiful again. This treatment uses the power of radiofrequency waves to stimulate collagen production deep in the dermis. Each treatment session with this device only takes about 30-60 minutes. Afterward, you will leave our center with a noticeable “glow” to your skin. In the coming months, your body will naturally produce collagen, enhancing the skin-tightening effects, and giving you a more youthful appearance.


Aging Skin Treatments in Conyers, Atlanta

Ready to feel fabulous? At Radiant Women’s Health, we’ve been meeting the needs of Georgia women for over fourteen years. If you’re unhappy with the look of your skin, we invite you to schedule your appointment and discover all the benefits of our TempSure® Envi treatment. To get in touch with us, please fill out the form below or call (770) 860-0123 today.

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