TempSure® Surgical RF Treatment

At Radiant Women's Health, we perform minor surgery using the TempSure® Surgical RF Treatment in Conyers, Atlanta GA.

We have many aesthetic procedures at Radiant Women’s Health that deliver excellent results without surgery. However, for some situations, surgery may be the best option. Therefore, when that is the case, we urge you to consider our TempSure® Surgical RF treatment. This is a radiofrequency treatment that offers faster recovery times, and better outcomes. Using this device, we can perform minor surgical procedures directed at easing wrinkles, sagging skin, and similar issues. To learn more, get in touch with our team at Radiant Women’s Health today.


What Is TempSure® Surgical RF?

This RF surgical treatment consists of a device that incorporates radiofrequency energy into the cutting and coagulation that surgery requires. Certainly, RF treatment has been shown to speed healing and improve the look of skin. In other words, it combines perfectly with certain types of surgery to optimize outcomes.

Woman happy after a TempSure® Surgical RF Treatment

What Does TempSure® Surgical RF Treat?

TempSure® Surgical RF is appropriate for surgical procedures that require precise incisions in tissues that are very thin and delicate. For example, we can do such procedures as blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), labiaplasty, and earlobe surgery.

At Radiant Women’s Health, we can perform a range of procedures as necessary to ensure your health and happiness.

How Does It Work?

This TempSure® device works by delivering 4 MHz radiofrequency energy while cutting and coagulating tissue. This is enough heat to allow proper cutting and coagulating but little enough to cause minimal damage to surrounding tissues. Consequently, this makes a better aesthetic result much more likely.

What Can I Expect From This Procedure?

People who undergo surgical procedures with TempSure® Surgical RF frequently enjoy a faster procedure. Cutting and coagulating happen almost simultaneously. There is minimal scar tissue, faster recovery, and less pain following completion of the procedure.

TempSure® Surgical RF Treatment in Conyers, Atlanta

In conclusion, surgery always carries with it some risk and usually, some scarring. However, Dr. Birt knows just how to employ the TempSure® Surgical RF device to create beautiful surgical outcomes with outstanding results. If you need a surgical procedure like eyelid surgery, women’s wellness surgery, or a related procedure, Radiant Women’s Health is a clear choice. To find out more, call us at (770) 860-0123 or submit the form below.

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