Office Hysteroscopy

If you are suffering from pelvic pain or fibroids, our office hysteroscopy procedure at Radiant Women's Health can help. Schedule in Atlanta.

An office hysteroscopy is a simple outpatient procedure we can perform to detect and diagnose any abnormalities in your uterus. If you are experiencing pelvic discomfort or unusual bleeding for a prolonged period of time, this may be the right procedure for you. At Radiant Women’s Health, we offer this and other treatments in a gentle and comprehensive manner. Our top priority is to provide you with the service you need in a safe and comfortable environment. Schedule your appointment today to explore our full range of treatment services.


What Is an Office Hysteroscopy?

Our office hysteroscopy procedure is a very safe procedure that involves an examination of your uterus with a special tiny camera attached to a very thin tube. During the procedure, Dr. Birt uses this device to search for polyps, fibroids, scarring, or other abnormalities. If we find any such concerns, we may recommend further tests. Once we’ve determined the nature of your issues, we will then provide you with effective treatment options.

Doctor preparing patient for an office hysteroscopy

How Does Office Hysteroscopy Treatment Work?

Before the procedure, we do a urine test to make sure you are not pregnant. You must also not be menstruating for us to perform this procedure. The process itself is much like an ordinary pelvic exam. No anesthesia is required. At the start of the process, we will take your vitals, then use a speculum to open the vagina, clean the cervix, and insert the camera. You can watch the procedure on the monitor as it is happening. Dr. Birt will explain everything she is seeing throughout the process. The entire procedure is usually done in about five minutes.

What Are the Effects of This Treatment?

This is a very safe procedure that can give us a quick understanding of what may be causing your symptoms. Some side effects may include mild cramping and spotting or watery discharge, but these should cease shortly following the procedure. After your visit, it is important to keep your vaginal area clean to avoid infections.

Office Hysteroscopy in Conyers, Atlanta

For over 14 years, the women of Conyers, GA, and surrounding areas have known that Dr. Birt and Radiant Women’s Health are the medical team to trust when it comes to health issues. Dr. Birt is a caring, knowledgeable professional who routinely performs procedures such as these safely and effectively. To set up your appointment, you can submit our electronic form below or call us today at (770) 860-0123.

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