Cancer Symptoms

If you are exhibiting cancer symptoms such as pelvic pain or abnormal vaginal discharge, get in touch with our team in Atlanta, GA.

Above all, identifying cancer symptoms early is essential for ensuring a good treatment outcome. Cervix cancer, in particular, can be very troubling to deal with and cause a lot of discomfort. Sadly, the early symptoms associated with this condition are often dismissed or overlooked. Therefore, if you are experiencing an unusual amount of pelvic pain, bleeding, or irritation, we urge you to get in touch with Dr. Julianne Birt here at Radiant Women’s Health. At our center, we can provide you with a full range of screening services to help diagnose your symptoms and determine the best treatment course.

How Does Cancer Develop?

Cervix cancer often develops due to the body’s abnormal reaction to human papillomavirus (HPV). If you become infected with HPV, there is a small chance that your immune system will not fully eradicate the virus, causing it to survive for years. Its survival can then contribute to the development of cancer cells out of cervical cells. Breast cancer involves the growth of abnormal cells as well, however, their growth is typically due to mutation.

What Are Common Cancer Symptoms?

Cervical cancer symptoms include, for example, pelvic pain, watery vaginal discharge, and abnormal bleeding even after menopause. Symptoms of breast cancer include tender lumps, redness, skin peeling, and similar issues. Certainly, properly diagnosing cancer is best left to the professionals. Dr. Birt has been providing gynecological care and treatments in Georgia for over fourteen years. Her experience and gentle approach can help accurately diagnose your concerns and get you the care you need quickly.

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Testing and Treating Cancer Symptoms

At Radiant Women’s Health, we offer a range of diagnostic treatment options to help identify signs of cancer. Our procedures range from simple, non-invasive physical examinations to surgical procedures aimed at removing cancerous lumps. If you think you may have cancer, don’t wait. Contact us today to schedule your appointment for cancer screening in Conyers, GA. Some of the most commonly employed testing methods available at our center include:


Treat Cancer Symptoms in Atlanta, GA

If you are exhibiting potential symptoms of cancer, we urge you to contact us as soon as possible. At Radiant Women’s Health, we strive to ensure the wellness and beauty of every woman that walks through our doors. To get in contact with us and schedule an appointment to meet with Dr. Birt, simply fill out the form below or call (770) 860-0123 today.

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