Hormonal Imbalance

If you feel tired, irritable, or uncomfortable, you may have a hormonal imbalance. Visit Radiant Women's Health in Atlanta, GA.

Hormonal imbalance issues tend to appear after major bodily changes such as the onset of menopause. When these kinds of changes occur, they can seriously affect our moods, sleep cycles, and sexual function. Once these areas of our lives become irregular, it can be tough to get things back on track again. If these issues have suddenly started to appear in your life, there is help available. At Radiant Women’s Health, we offer effective hormonal care and ongoing support to get you back to feeling like yourself again.

What Causes Hormonal Imbalance?

When it comes to your hormones, overexpression or reduction can happen due to menopause, perimenopause, and pregnancy. The transition can be gradual, but the side effects of imbalanced hormones are pronounced and can be hard to deal with for some. If you are having a hard time engaging in normal activities comfortably, hormone therapy may be right for you.

What Are Hormonal Imbalance Signs?

Weight gain or sudden weight loss, difficulty sleeping, and dry skin are the most common signs of having a hormone issue. Over time, these effects can build up and lead to changes in heart rate, increased thirst, and brittle bones. Hormones also play a big role in regulating how we feel and our thought processes. When hormone balance becomes disrupted, irritability, depression, and anxiety can occur as well. Living with these concerns can be very uncomfortable, therefore seeking help soon is the best choice for finding relief.

BioTE® Hormone Replacement Treatment

At Radiant Women’s Health, we proudly offer Hormone Replacement Therapy to help you feel better again. When you visit our center, Dr. Birt will begin by performing a Women’s Wellness Exam to determine the underlying cause of your issues. If an imbalance is found to be the culprit, she can create a Hormone Replacement treatment course specifically tailored to your needs. This form of therapy involves injections or pellets that will help supplement your hormonal deficiencies. Pellet insertion takes only 5-10 minutes to complete and can effectively improve your long-term health.

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Treating Hormonal Imbalance in Atlanta, GA

If you feel tired, irritable, or uncomfortable and can’t seem to identify the cause, we may be able to help. Our Conyers center has been providing the women of Georgia with the care and support they need for over fourteen years. To get started and learn more about our hormone replacement treatments, simply fill out the form below or give us a call at (770) 860-0123.

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