Women’s Wellness Exams

Learn about the importance of women’s wellness exams and how we use them to maintain your good health at Radiant Women’s Health in Atlanta.

Women’s wellness exams go by a variety of different names; for example, well-woman exam, well-woman check-up, wellness visit. But it all comes down to making sure you are in good health as often as possible. These exams are aimed at identifying problems that could lead to health issues in the future, particularly complications related to the breasts, cervix, vagina, and overall female reproductive system. All women should schedule an annual exam to make sure they remain in good health in the months and years to come.


What Does a Wellness Visit Include?

For women over 21, a women’s wellness exam can cover all aspects of their health. It can include sexually related health issues such as contraception, fertility testing, or STD testing. It will also typically include a pelvic exam and cancer screening tests such as Pap smears and mammograms. When you visit our center, we will adjust your examination according to your health history and reported complications.

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How Do Women’s Wellness Exams Work?

We will start by taking a full medical history, including family history, information about your periods and menstrual cycle, any symptoms you may be experiencing, the type and level of sexual activity, and specific concerns you may have. A standard pelvic exam is part of most women’s wellness exams, with additional tests being performed as recommended based on Dr. Birt’s assessment of your health condition.

Are Tests Always Part of a Women’s Health Exam?

Tests are not always part of women’s wellness exams. However, you should have regular Pap smears if you are 21 or over, and you should start having mammograms annually starting at age 40, if not before. Making these procedures a standard part of your consultations will ensure your long-term health and happiness.

Women’s Wellness Exams in Conyers, Atlanta

Radiant Women’s Health is the only center you will want to come to in Conyers or the greater Metro Atlanta area when it comes to Women’s Wellness exams. Dr. Birt is highly experienced and knowledgeable and approaches your physical examination with sensitivity and care in a stress-free environment. To schedule your exam, submit the form below or call us now at (770) 860-0123.

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